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Thank you for all you've done for my child these past 2 years.  Your quiet, but strong leadership, your compassion and understanding, and your sense of humor have helped my child grow in confidence, in showing kindness and expressing a joy for life.  I couldn't be more thankful to God for blessing us with you. - Elizabeth

I don't know how to put into words the depth of gratitude to you over the years of love and guidanc to my children.  I never worried about them at Dove.  Thank you for your patience, enthusiasm and genuine love for the kids. - Marian

We feel so blessed to have your as our kids' first learning experience.  You provide a safe and loving environment and the kids all really blossom in your classroom.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication. - Emily

We are so thankful for the love, patients, guidance, laughter and time you gave to our kids.  Preschool continues to be the highlight of their lives.  We are blessed by the educational and spiritual foundation you taught our kids.  Thank you for all you do...always with a smile. - Danita

Dove preschool has been a great community for my daughter. Not only is she academically prepared for kindergarten, but her social skills have improved in a group setting. Our family really enjoyed the opportunities to be involved with the preschool. The teachers always gave the love and care and guidance that we expected from a preschool. -Christine

My two children attended Dove. Walking into the classroom, you will find kids engaged in fun and age appropriate learning activities. The nurturing teaching styles enable the preschoolers to feel capable of learning new things. They help develop important life skills such as helping your neighbor, sharing and collaborating with a peer. Most important, my kids felt like a loved and valued member of their preschool community. They woke up every day hoping that is was a preschool day. Their time at Dove really laid a strong foundation for their entry in Kindergarten. -Erin

We absolutely love Dove Preschool! Our daughter attended Dove after one year of preschool in a community center in California. We were blown away by the difference. Instead of complaining about going to school, she happily jumped in the van to go and she was sad when it was canceled for snow or a holiday. The teachers are two of the most creative and caring people and they are the perfect preschool teachers. Their attention to the developmental and emotional needs of each student is so awesome! The curriculum is fantastic as well; challenging, yet very well suited to a preschool child's development and their need for play and creativity. It is a fabulous school! -Heather

We are so blessed to have found Dove Christian Preschool. We love the small class setting where our daughter has been able to learn & play in a loving, nurturing, Christ centered environment where the children get lots of personal attention. She has learned & grown so much during the 2 years that she attended Dove. The teachers are top notch educators who genuinely care about these kids & have the unique ability to "connect" with each child according to their individual needs. We look forward to another 2 years as our son will also be attending Dove. -Lisa